From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Chistmas Dinner Finalized - December 15, 2012 Date:Mon Oct 1 12:43:44 2012

Thank you for your responses on the meal choices and dates for the Christmas diner.

We have finalized our reservations at P.J. Skidoos for Saturday December 15, 2012.

We plan to arrive by 6 PM. Supper will be served at 7 PM.

There were a couple of participants that wanted the salmon. Most everybody else wanted beef or chicken. We were able to pick three choices of meals for our menu. (P.J. Skidoos added a choice of salmon for the two people that wanted fish). Here is the menu for the party:

1) Filet Mignon
2) Prime Rib
3) Stuffed Chicken

(Plus a couple of salmon meals).

Each participant will be responsible for their bill.

P.J. Skidoos told us that they can handle up to 35 folks in the area we have reserved. We'll keep you informed as the date nears.

Thanks again for your responses.