From:Ed Bauer
Subject:Shop Class as Soulcraft Book - PI Toby Easyriders Article Date:Sun Jul 26 14:17:01 2009
Today's Post had a short article on Matt Crawford, PHD in Philosophy who now owns and operates a motorcycle repair business outside Richmond, Va.
King - I'm sure Mona would enjoy reading about another "Grease Monkey."

The second article is from the Sept 79 issue of Easyriders magazine that I recently purchased on Ebay. The issue featured an article on Toby Telan of the Phillippines who rode, repaired and sold Harleys, Indians and a few other brands, throughout the 60s and 70s. I purchased two 45s from Toby several years before the article was published. Toby would be almost 80 now.

Looks like only one photo can be attached at a time. More to follow.