Subject:RE: Christmas Party - December 15, 2012 - Meal Choices Date:Thu Sep 27 12:22:12 2012
Response to:580
My picks are in order:
1. Filet Mingnon
2. Stuffed Chicken Breast
3. Teriyaki Chicken



We have tentatively set up our Christmas Party for December 15, 2012 at P.J. Skidoos (Starting at 6 PM). If any of you know of any conflicts with the 15th, please let us know. A few other Saturdays are still available.

The Chapter is going to need to make meal choices from the attached Banquet Menu. P.J. Skidoos will allow our group create our own menu by choosing three of the possible meal selections.

We hope to get a consensus on the three most popular choices when we meet at Smoke Hole Caverns this weekend. If you are not going to Smoke Hole and have a strong feeling on the choice of meals, please let us know.

So far, we have had some votes for the Filet Mignon. That was one of the favorite meals the last time the Highlands Chapter had a party at P.J. Skidoos. I've had the Prime Rib several times and found it great.

See you all at Smoke Hole.