From:Tom Hardy
Subject:RE: Lots of Events on Saturday - Anybody Going? Date:Fri Jul 24 16:27:43 2009
Response to:56
Bob, You go man! That is an awfully ambitious agenda.
The flat track race has been on my calendar for several months ever since the AMA schedule came out. The AMA has cut back on racing in general and flat tracks in this area in particular. They had a race at Saluda for a couple of years that was great and was easy to get to and a great facility but cancelled that last year for no apparent reason. That makes this and the 4th of July race in Frederick the only close by races. I have been going to this and Frederick for more that 30 years and it is a good race with lots of national name racers and teams. I would highly recommend this if you like down in the dirt old style handle bar to handle bar racing! Ain't fancy just good, exciting fun! Sounds like a fair number are planning to attend. Great!

Hey Guys,

There is a lot going on this weekend. I'm going to try hitting some of the events on Saturday.

Cliff told us about the Summer Thunder Cruise-in hot rod show at Franklin Park in Purcellville. Event Runs 2 PM to 7 PM


It's also the Shenandoah Valley Steam & Gas Engine in Berryville at the fair grounds. (Chip told us about this event many months ago). Runs July 24th, 25th and 26th. $5 Adults, Kids under 12 Free.


Richard told us about the AMA Pro Flat Track races at the Hagerstown Speedway for Saturday night. Gates open at 4 PM. Qualifying starts at 6 PM. Official races start around 8:30 PM. General Admission $28.00


I may try to hit all three. Berryville Steam Show in the morning then Purcellevile SummerThunder Cruise-in Car Show in the afternoon and then Hagerstown AMA Pro Flat Track Racing in the evening.


Anybody else plan on making it to one of more of the events?

Cliff also told us about the Flying Circus at Bealton this weekend. (I' won't make it to that one).