From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Smoke Hole - Last Minute Changes !!! Date:Mon Sep 17 19:08:40 2012

Check-in is at Smoke Hole's new GIFT SHOP, which is 2.7 miles south of the Cabins (go past the cabins). Huge new building - you can't miss it. Remember to purchase your dinner tickets when you check in.

FRIDAY LUNCH - the Hermitage Manor Inn in Petersburg has gone out of business. We will be eating lunch at O'Neills in Moorefield - about 13 miles from Petersburg.

O'Neills has an outdoor deck, nice atmosphere, serves drinks, and Jill at SH says it's the best restaurant around. I called them tonight, and they said if we call ahead on Friday morning, they'll arrange for our group on the deck.

This will add a few miles to Rollo's Loop, but it sounds like O'Neills is worth the trip.

O'Neills - 614 North Main Street, Moorefield, WV 26836
Phone 304-530-2727

SATURDAY - no changes.

See ya at Smoke Hole!