From:Bill Potter
Subject:RE: ★ Smoke Hole Long Ride Idea Date:Wed Aug 8 14:02:26 2012
Response to:560

Here is an idea for the Saturday (long) ride at our Smoke Hole Road Run.

The destination is the Uno restaurant at Deep Creek Lake. I've been there - the food is good, and it's right on the shore of the lake. Google maps puts the round trip at 141 miles, 3 hours 15 minutes.

Here's a map of the route:

I've located gas stations along the route. One alternative is to skip the Deer Park leg, just go into Oakland and head up 219 to the restaurant.

Too long? Too ambitious? Too anything? Let me know!


Smoke Hole riders:

Why don't we discuss it Saturday under the trees over a few beers...

"Billy Prospect"