From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:RE: Patriot Show Date:Sun Aug 5 18:14:13 2012
Response to:556
Glad to see you will make the show and it would be great if you can make the after party too! Bring the wife or significant other too! No big deal but it is good to sit around and chat with the fellas and gals and have some good chow and beverages too. It's relaxed and casual and you can either jump in the pool or not.

I already have my 36 VLH sitting in the show room at Patriot to advertize the show.

Bring a pop and chairs if you want too. I'm bringing a chair and cooler with water. It can't hurt. We usually set up under the trees to get as much shade as possible. If you want to bring your bike early just see John in service about parking it in the service bays or if you want to come to my house and ride it down and leave your trailer or truck here that's cool too. Just let me know if you need any help with anything. See our PDF files for bikes or get with Dave Hennessey to do a write up for yours. We have stands to put the sheets in for display.


Hello folks
I will be bringing my 34 VD to the show. Should I bring an EZ-Up canopy and some folding chairs? The aftershow party will be a problem for me so I'll have to beg off.