From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Wauseon racing - Bill Burns Date:Mon Jul 16 08:19:28 2012
I received this e-mail from Bill Burns - if you're going to Wauseon, cheer him on!

i'm bill burns, amca member, living in fairfax , up on the hill behind the harley shop . i race a 1950 750cc harley flathead , had it in the patriot show last yr. #79. orange .along w/ my sprint. i saw some of our members at the hagerstown flattrack ,have a hard time remembering names, said your show at patriot is aug. 11 this yr. i'll be there. main reason for wriritng is to invite you all to the wauseon race fri. nite., for a beer and cheer me on !! hope to see locals (fairfax) there. i'll try to get more involved w/ you all , busy racing and partying