From:tom hardy
Subject:Hagerstown Flat Track Race Date:Thu Jun 28 13:53:10 2012

I have spoken to some of you about getting together for the race in Hagerstown on Sat. July 7th. I can not make to one in Frederick on the 4th.
In the past we have met at the Tractor Supply in Leesburg and then carpooled up. I see no reason to change that.
I think if we meet about 3pm and then drive up that would give us time to stop and grab a bite to eat before the races. I can take 3 more comfortably in my truck and more if you want to squeeze in and sit on the hump. Anyone that wants to go either call or email me so we can see how many are in.
If you have never been it is a fun event in my opinion and you get to see the best of the best in 1/2 mile dirt flat track racing and is the only event close enough to make a one day trip to. I would contemplate riding but you get out so late and riding back from there late at night isn't much fun. It can also rain heavily up there and that adds another reason not to ride but more power to those that do.