From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Breakfast meeting v. Father's Day Date:Wed Jun 6 16:45:24 2012
Response to:531

As you already know, I will be out of town on June 17th celebrating my Dad's 92 birthday and Father's Day. I'd prefer moving the meeting by one week to the 24th of June, if possible. (We'll probably need to let the folks at Old Salem Cafe know, if the date changes).

We'll need someone to take the meeting minutes, if the meeting stays on June 17th. Any volunteers?

All - Please voice your opinion. Let Dave know if you want to meet on the 17th or the 24th. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas

Our next breakfast meeting is on June 17, which also happens to be Father's Day.

If enough people want to switch it to the 4th Sunday (June 24) for this month only, we'll do so.

Please post here, or email, or call me at 540-347-1452.