From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Smoke Hole Reservations - Cabins are Getting Booked Up Date:Mon Jun 4 10:35:04 2012

I spoke to the folks at Smoke Hole Caverns. They confirmed that 6 of our members have reserved their rooms for the Road Run. The reservation block of 20 cabins was lifted on April 15th. There are only two more cabins adjacent to our block of rooms. Anybody (even folks not associated with the Highlands Chapter) can book the two remaining cabins. These last two cabins may become unavailable at any time.

If you want a cabin next to your chapter brothers, you should reserve it right away.

Note: There are other cabins available at the main facility, but they aren't adjacent to the Highland's group. They also have rooms available at the nearby hotel and rustic cabins. They also have space for RVs down the road from the main site.