From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Pewe's Party - Saturday Date:Fri Jun 1 18:40:53 2012
Pewe's party is Saturday, June 2. The Nighthawks will be playing. The Highlands Chapter is invited. I hope to see you there. - Dave

--- Fwd from Chesapeake Chapter ---

Reminder: No Big Top this year so this is an unofficial imitation of the Big Top.

Mark says:
"Hawks play 2-6
Playing for tip jar
bring food and beverage (not catered)

He also said:
Send to Highlands chapter too please, so maybe some[one] can forward since I don't have their list

Pewe says come anytime after noon. IT WILL NOT BE CATERED, Bring your own!
A hat will be passed to pay the band so plan accordingly.

Call Dave at 540-347-1452 for directions