From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Sunday's Ride Date:Tue May 22 10:31:55 2012
Sunday's meeting at the Old Salem Cafe in Marshall was attended by the usual suspects - Bob, Rollo, Mike, George Ogden, George Downs, Chip Brady, Tim O'Hara, Hodge, Dave Sinex, Dave Hennessey, and a new suspect - Rob White.

After breakfast, we headed out Atoka Road to Middleburg, where we stopped at the Red Horse Tavern for liquid refreshment, and watched the local wildlife from our table on their front porch.

Dave led the ride on his mighty Hummer, and amazingly, everyone was able to keep up with the blistering pace - which Mike clocked at 49 mph while going down a hill.

Virginia's horse country has many beautiful roads, and it's no surprise we often end up in the Middleburg area.

See you all next month!