From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:The Ride that Wasn't Date:Sun May 6 18:19:40 2012

So, What would happen if there Was a Ride and nobody showed up?

Or more like it, What would happen if there Wasn't a ride and two people showed up.

Here is my story:

I received an e-mail this week that was posted to the exchange. It was from John Pierce to Hodge. The accompanying e-mail from Hodge said:


If anyone wants to go for a ride I can meet them at the Food
Lion in Middleburg at 11:00 AM on Sunday. The sun is supposed to be shining.


My first mistake was thinking that this was a New E-mail.

My second mistake was thinking it said 10 AM.

So there I was, 10 AM Sunday morning, sitting on the '73 CB450, right in the middle of the Middleburg Food Lion parking lot, wondering where everybody was.

A quick call to Hodge cleared things up for me. The e-mail I'd read from Hodge's was written back in March. It wasn't from this week. (John Pierce had responded to an old e-mail from Hodge. I guess I missed that detail). Hodge didn't know anything about a ride today. I headed back home, thinking I should be more careful in reviewing my e-mails. In any event, it was a nice day for a ride.

I wasn't the only one to misinterpret Wednesday's e-mail. Tom Holter showed up in Middleburg about 45 minutes after I left. At least he got the time right. He was there at 11 AM.

Tom called Hodge, wondering what was going on. Same story - it was an old e-mail. There wasn't a ride scheduled for today.

I spoke to Tom later in the afternoon. He had taken the long way home and thoroughly enjoyed his solo ride. He told me he had hoped to ride with the guys.

We need to schedule a "Real Ride". Tom and I are up for it. Hodge reminded me he was always up for a ride.

Hoping we can schedule a Highlands Chapter ride soon.

Anyway, That's my story - Sad but True.

Have a great week.


Bob Nicholas