From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Round em up, head em out - to Oley Date:Tue Apr 24 00:15:42 2012
Oley 2012

Drink beer. Eat burgers. Talk motorcycles. That's what this weekend is all about.

The Harley Hummer Club / Highland s Chapter tent is the place to eat, drink, sell your parts, and talk about motorcycles. Besides Hummers and Highlands, you'll also meet some of the Henderson boys as Oley is showcasing the 100th Anniversary of the Henderson. We're the 3-H club this year!

Hodge will remember to bring the Highlands Chapter Banner to hang on the Hummer Club tent.

Ed will be bringing a bunch of parts to sell. Will you?

The membership committee will bring a dozen copies of our chapter application form to hand out. (Rollo? Mike?)

Beer, food, old motorcycles. Let's have some fun...