From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: 6 volt electrical stuff Date:Thu Apr 19 06:10:20 2012
Response to:515
Arlington Armature has been around for a long time - some of you antiques may even remember their location on N. Randolph Street in Arlington - behind Parkington Shopping Center.

I took my Gravely starter there a couple of years ago, after I disassembled it and found the brushes totally worn out. They looked at it, sold me a set of brushes ($4) and sent me on my way.

Like Rollo says, if you got a starter/generator/regulator problem, it's the place to go.



I don't know if any of you have any issues with 6 volt electrical stuff but as you know finding folks who work or test that stuff is nearing impossible. I was having issues with my voltage regulator on my 64 pan. Overcharging on one and under charging on another. I took them to Arlington Armature in Springfield and they checked them both out and determined one was no good and adjusted the other to the proper charging rate. I am posting this to say that Arlington Armature is equipped and knowledgable on all this 6 volt stuff including cars,trucks etc. and can check, set, rebuild and test regulators, generators, relays etc. They also have a Herndon location. If you call ( 703-912-7770) the Springfield location (7719 Fullerton Rd.) and talk to Tim he can get you squared away. He has guys who know this stuff inside and out, backwards and forwards and ride!