From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:April meeting - Sunday April 15 Date:Mon Apr 9 23:08:57 2012

Our April meeting will be on Sunday 10 am, at the Old Salem Café in Marshall.

Meeting Agenda

1. Smoke Hole Road Run (15 minutes)
Decision - finalize the menu choices and let Smoke Hole know so they'll have dinner ready for us.
Other Road Run topics

2. Patriot Show & Pool Party (5 minutes)
Updates from Rollo & George Ogden

3. Bill Potter Shop Visit (5 minutes)
Bill has invited the Highlands Chapter to visit his shop in Bethesda and spend an afternoon drinking beer and talking motorcycles & Hot Rods. We should pick a few Saturdays or Sundays this Spring, and see what works for him.

4. Secretary's Report (5 minutes)
Updates from Bob

5. Treasurer's Report (5 minutes)
Updates from George

6. Membership Committee Report (5 minutes)
Updates from Mike and Rollo

7. Topics from the floor (10 minutes)

Old Salem Café
8366 West Main Street
Marshall, VA 20115