From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:February Meeting - SUNDAY FEB 19 Date:Wed Feb 15 19:00:32 2012
Reminder - our February meeting is THIS SUNDAY.

Meeting Agenda for February 19

Breakfast Meeting 10am - 11am (Northside 29)
Sock Wash 11am - later (New Baltimore Garage)

Monthly Meetings Committee (George O. & Mike) Report
2012 Chapter Calendar (check website under "What We Do")
Possible conflicts w/ 3rd Sunday schedule
Decision to solidify 3rd Sunday schedule
Map of where members live
Alternative Meeting Places
Decision for March meeting place at least

Rides Committee (Bob & Dave)
No report
Call for volunteers to plan monthly rides

Road Run Committee (Dave)
Cacapon Field Trip Report
Show of hands for preference of Nat'l Bridge, Peaks of Otter, Smoke Hole, Cacapon
Discussion of possible dates - see calendar

Membership Committee (Mike & Rollo)
Expired member reminder letter
Expired member drop-off date
Membership Application for website

AMCA National Watchdog Report (Rollo)

Website (Dave)
Anti-hacker efforts