From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Highlands of Virginia Chapter Meeting, January 2012 Date:Fri Jan 6 13:45:47 2012
Response to:469
Hello Gents,

We are all looking forward to this year's first meeting. This will be an important meeting and we hope that all of you will be able to attend. We are asking for your input on how to improve the chapter.

Rollo provided the following list of agenda items that we might want to discuss at the meeting:

1.First Order of Business: Elections - Volunteers, Nominations and Voting.

2.Dues – Discussions on what is needed and how to spend the funds. (Treasurer's Report).

3.Fall Road Run.

4.Blast from The Past - Patriot H-D – Highlands Chapter Participation

5.Monthly Meeting time and Location – What works for the majority of members – When an Where

6.New members –Recruitment and Opportunities to expand our Membership

7.Chapter Member’s List - File Update

8.Calendar of events for the year - Highlands Chapter Plans for 2012

9.Volunteers for Chapter Events

10.Monthly rides

11.Highlands Chapter Web Site

Please let us know if there are other items you would like to discuss during January's meeting. If there is something that is important to you, please tell us about it.

If you want to run for an officer's position, please throw your hat into the ring.

The outgoing officers are:

Hodge Harrison - President
King Troenscgaurd - Vice President
George Downes - Treasurer
Bob Nicholas - Secretary

Hodge has held the position of President ever since I have been involved in the chapter. As you have read in his previous e-mails, he is willing to step aside and let someone else take the reins for a while. I'm sure all of the chapter members share my appreciation of what Hodge's service has meant to the Highlands Chapter. Many thanks to Hodge for all the work over these many years.

We already have one nomination for president. Mike Mueller, Rollo and I asked Dave Hennessey to run for president. He has agreed to run for this position. Hodge has already spoken to Dave regarding the upcoming election. Hodge supports the nomination of Dave Hennessey for president.

I contacted Dave and asked him if he would like me to run for V.P. He said that would be fine with him. (Please note: This is not a forgone conclusion. Anybody can run for any office).

George Downes told me that he is willing to run for Treasurer again this year. He would be willing to train anybody that would like to try being the Chapter Treasurer.

All officer's positions, including my current position as secretary, are open for 2012. If you want to run for any office, please do.

As you can see, there is a lot of club business to discuss at the first meeting. We will make every effort to address the issues that are important to you.

Please feel free to voice your opinions. We want the club to be enjoyable for everybody. Let us know what we can do to improve the chapter.

Hope to see you all at the meeting on January 22, 2012. Thank you for your participation, comments and efforts.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas


There will be a Highlands of Virginia Chapter meeting on Sunday January 22nd 10:00 AM for breakfast at the Route 29 Diner. The first order of business will be to vote in new officers. Try and ride your motorcycle, there will be a ride afterward.