Subject:Sundays Ride & Holiday Celebration Date:Tue Nov 29 11:04:01 2011

Sundays “Freeze You Butt Ride” turned out to be a great success. We had about 16 members show up for the event that led us thru some of Virginia’s beautiful roads and by-ways. Luckily we did not have any breakdowns or mishaps. King followed to make sure if we did, we had a safe chase vehicle and ride home, thanks King.

The “Freeze Your Butt Ride” started about 6-7 years ago with Bill Patchett, John Thompson, George, Skipper and I riding the same roads and by-ways the Saturday right after Thanksgiving. Well before we officially named this ride, we had similar rides in the early days of the chapter. The “Highlands of Virginia Chapter” has always been known as a club of riders, basically riding year round.

The ride participants began to increase as well as the incidents that have occurred during the ride. We continued to have the ride in one form or another and as with this years ride, it proved interesting and full of wonderful sights to see. Thanks to the members that setup this year’s event.

We stopped for lunch at Griffins Tavern, of which proved to be the right selection. They were ready for us with two large tables set up for 20+ guests. As I mentioned above, we had about 16 members gathered for lunch and beverages, a few met us there just for the lunch and to see everyone. It was great seeing everyone there as well as a few new faces. For those that missed this year’s ride, I look forward to seeing you soon.

It looks as if we will meet in January to vote in the new leadership team that will guide the “Highlands of Virginia Chapter” thru the next two years of history. This is an important meeting that will necessitate everyone’s participation as our chapter begins a new point in time in the history of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.

Our chapter continues to grow with interesting and passionate riders and enthusiasts of antique motorcycles and events. This year proved to be like what I hear is common in an all volunteer organization. But, we made it and will continue to grow not only in membership but we will also grow rich in our own chapters history books. As a member once said in a meeting a few years back, “We are all in the club for different reasons”. We are all different but also have a common bond, Antique Motorcycles. I look forward to our future.

Don’t forget Saturdays “Highlands Chapter of Virginia” Christmas Holiday Dinner at Clyde’s. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Happy Holidays,