Subject:Peaks of Otter Run 2011 Date:Thu Oct 20 09:42:36 2011

Last Saturday Peaks of Otter Ride, turned out to be an immense success with a great ride, exceptional weather followed up with a sociable and informal dinner/ get together.

The leaves were in mid–change as we crisscrossed back and forth between the Blue Ridge Mountains the eastern edge of the Allegheny’s as well as a few short blasts on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Peter put a ride together that showed off some of Virginia’s most beautiful scenery of mountain roads, valleys and by-ways. Despite the rainy weather on Friday, Saturdays temperature was in the middle to upper 60* with just enough wind to keep the road dry and free from wet leaves. As with many of the last 16 years of Highlands Chapter yearly runs, this year proved to one for the record books.

The list of attendees for the ride included, Flathead Ed of which rode his 32 year old 250 Yamaha for the entire 150 + miles without any issues. Bravo Zulu Flat! Also on the ride were: Chan and his wife Barbara, Bill Saunders, Larry Barnes and his wife, Peter, Amy and Beulah Nick and Donna and I. Barry and Peggy Wuergler joined us after the ride as we all met in the parking lot for beverages and chit chat. We had 11 riders on 9 motorcycles and with no break downs or problems; the average speed was about 50 miles an hour, with a few straight away speeds up to 65 +.

We stopped at the Lakeview Restaurant of which is in the Douthat State Park, Millboro, Virginia for lunch. The small eatery was overlooking a robust mountain lake that according to the local folks was full of Brook and Rainbow trout. The food was as good as the view of the lake.

The ride were led by Peter Nick of which truly knows this back country terrain. Peter Nick’s friend Larry Barnes and his wife traveled all the way from Northeastern Ohio to attend the event. Larry races in the Antique hand shift class and had some interesting stories. I’ve seen him at some of the AMCA National swap meets and I’m sure some of you would recognize him.

After the day long day of riding we retired to the lounge for adult beverages and then on to dinner at the Peaks Restaurant. For such an out of the way establishment the rooms were comfortable, no computers, TV or phones, and each meal was pleasantly nutritious and tasty.

Donna and I rode the Parkway almost the entire ride back to Gainesville. We found the leaves were changing but for some reason they were not as spectacular as they were on the roads that Peter had us riding on. It seemed as if the change had not quite begun. This weekend our local area is posed to have that change more advanced. I spoke to Bob earlier today and he will be sending a ride invite later today. Hope to see everyone there.

All in all, the entire event turned out to be quiet enjoyable. There were just enough riders’ and guest to make it manageable. No one got mad or was in a hurry to get anywhere or to get anything done quicker than we were doing it. It reminded me of the early Highlands Chapter Club events, where we were more interested in the rides than the politics that were surrounding the club.

Next year we will have new leadership, hopefully that leadership will continue to make the Highlands Chapter known for being a club of riders that just enjoy old motorcycles.

Thanks to everyone that was somehow part of this fun event. If you were unable to make this one, I hope to see you next year.

Ride Safe,