Subject:Meeting Minutes Date:Mon Sep 19 08:48:25 2011

Highlands Chapter Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2011

Location: Hodges House

When: September 15, 2011 @ 6 PM


Here is the meeting minutes from last Thursday’s meeting:

We met at Hodge’s house a little after the stated start time of 6 PM. Traffic on Thursday was very bad. Not sure why. Anyway, we started the meeting around 6:45 PM.

We started with a discussion of the bikes we had as kids. Some of us started out with and stuck with Harleys. Others, like Hodge, and I had Japanese and British bikes when we were teenagers.

We had a bite to eat and then got down to the meeting’s business.

The purpose for this meeting was to discuss the final details of the Peaks of Otter Run. Rollo was still in Ireland and couldn’t make the meeting. He and I had mapped out the runs with Peter Knick last month. Peter suggested a couple of changes to the runs. They have been incorporated into our plans. Mike Mueller and I went over the runs for Friday and Saturday. We noted the restaurant options, local attractions and our plan to visit the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA.

Peaks of Otter Lodge has received reservations for a number of Highlands’ chapter members for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have not filled up our block of rooms (total of 25) at this time. The lodge manager asked me to let him know if we could release some of the rooms from our block. They have already turned away other customers for our weekend. I will be calling the lodge manager on Wednesday September 21, 2011 to let him know what rooms, if any, they can have back. Please make your reservations now if you plan on staying at Peaks of Otter.

Note: I have heard back from several of our Chapter Brothers that will not be able to make it to this year’s road run. I’ve also heard from others that plan on making it for at least one of the runs. Thank you for your responses to my previous e-mail. Anyone that has not yet responded, please do so as soon as possible. We have a responsibility to let Peaks of Otter Lodge know the expected size of our group.

Upcoming Event: Antique Bike Show and Swap Meet at White Rose Hill Climb Club – September 30 – October 1. A number of us will be heading up to Jefferson for the fall Swap Meet. Hope to see you there.

We were able to get through the club businesses fairly quickly and the meeting closed around 8:45 PM.

Hope to see you at Peaks of Otter.


Bob Nicholas, Secretary – Highland Chapter, AMCA