From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Tonights Meeting - Peaks of Otter Reservations Date:Thu Sep 15 15:17:53 2011

We hope to see you at Hodge's house this evening for our chapter meeting. We'll be going over the final discussions for our Peaks of Otter Road Run (Oct 13, 14 and 15th).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We still need a head-count on who intends to attend the road run.

Please let us know if you are (or are not) planning on attending this year's event. You can reply to the exchange or to my e-mail. We already have some folks registered for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Others have signed up for Friday and Saturday nights, only.

The Hotel is already turning away other customers, trying to hold the block of rooms for the Highlands Chapter. We need to tell them the number of rooms we will need. They have asked me to get a final estimate as soon as possible.

Right Now we have set aside a block of:

15 Rooms for Thursday-Saturday.
10 Additional rooms for Friday-Saturday.

Thanks for replying to this message. Hope to see you at tonight's meeting.