From:John L. Thompson
Subject:Gateway Museum Date:Wed Aug 31 10:17:26 2011
I just got back from a 5 day ride through southwestern Colorado. The mountains were great but 6 hour at 105 degrees getting there and the same back was a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I went to the “Gateway Auto Museum” in Gateway Colorado. It is between Telluride and Grand Junction via hwy 141 which swings way west from Telluride. It is in the middle of nowhere on the Delores river with nothing either direction for 50 miles. There is a very “high end” resort and the Museum. All created by the founder of Discovery Channel and the cars are his personal collection. My guess is that there are $1B worth of cars and a few motorcycloes. Magnificent. Here is a link to some pics I took at the museum, I thought the group might enjoy seeing them:

Cheers, john