From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: A Socialite Amongst Us? Date:Tue Jul 19 03:33:47 2011
Response to:427
Edward R. Murrow be damned - we're determined to unmask all these Socialites.

Here's another pair - unabashedly dancing in the streets of Warrenton's Old Town. Where will the depravity end?

Let's crush this decadent behavior. Well, actually, the food's delicious. Would you like another glass of wine? The music's great - Honey, let's dance.

September is not too far away. Come join Dave and Jennifer Hennessey for An Evening Under The Stars.

Good friends - enjoying great food, good drink, great music, and even better dancing - on Warrenton's Main Street.

We'll be there - will you?

Call us! 540-347-1452

Dave & Jennifer Hennessey

Wednesday's Fauquier Times had an special insert - The Old Town Chronicle - with a picture from Warrenton's annual social gala - An Evening Under The Stars.