From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Blast from the Past - Final Coordination Date:Mon Jun 27 10:29:48 2011

For those of you that couldn't make it to last Sunday's meeting in Warrenton: Here is the scoop on the Blast from the Past event.

When: Saturday, July 2nd (From 10 AM to around 4 PM)

Where: Patriot H-D, 9739 Fairfax Boulevard, Fairfax VA 22031

A group of riders from the Warrenton area will be meeting at the 29 Northside Restaurant at 8:30 AM and then head out to Patriot. The rest of us will show up on our own.

For those of you that will trailering your bikes, you can park at Rollo's or George Ogden's houses.

We need to set up before 10 AM, so plan on being there a little early.

The Nighthawks should start playing around 11:30AM.

Uncle Fred's Barbecue will be on site, selling lunch. I understand it's really good barbecue.

We are heading over to George Ogden's place for a picnic and pool party after the event.

We plan on setting up to the right-hand side of the parking lot (as you turn into the entrance at Patriot). We'll put our lawn chairs under the shade trees that back up to Route 50.

I'll bring a small gazebo-type tent and a few lawn chairs.

Hodge is going to drop off the banner, a folding table, and a cooler to me this week.

We've been informed that this is a non-alcohol event. Drinking in public is frowned upon. We expect Fairfax County restrictions apply.

The Chapter will supply water, ice and soft drinks.

Hodge will bring the previous year's Natural Bridge T-Shirts. It's time to move them out of our stock. We'll be dropping the price to $5.00 each.

Dave brought the placards to Sunday's meeting. He did a great job putting them together. (Thanks Dave). He will bring them to Patriot. Please make sure you have provided Dave with the information on your bikes.

The weatherman is predicting low 90s for Saturday. Places under the shade trees may be at a premium.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. It's going to be a great event for the Highlands Chapter.



(Note: This e-mail will probably serve as the meeting minutes. We mostly talked about Patriot's Blast from the Past event).