From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:H-D Antique Literature Date:Sun Jun 26 17:35:14 2011
The information for the placards - colors available, production figures and more came from The Legend Begins - a H-D publication which tells the story 1903-1969.

TLB has a section for each year, with pictures of the bikes for that year, written descriptions, and copies of the Dealer Order Blanks. In the back of the book, there's a list of production figures, and year by year, what all those letters mean (e.g. what's a WLDR?)

Every Harley Enthusiast needs The Legend Begins!

Harley-Davidson sells a number of books in their Antique Literature line. Most dealers don't stock them, but can order them for you. Or you can order them on the H-D website and pick them up at your local dealer.

Wouldn't it be nice if the gift certificates Patriot gives us for displaying our antique Harleys were good towards purchasing Antique Harley-Davidson literature?

The books can be seen at: