From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Bike Placards - for the Patriot show Date:Tue Jun 21 20:53:40 2011
Hey everyone,

Are you bringing a bike to the show?

Please check the Stuff section of this website, and see if there's a placard ready for your bike.

Please choose one - and LET ME KNOW ASAP!!!

(a) The placard for my bike is there and correct.

(b) The placard is there but some of the info is wrong.
- at the last meeting, some people wrote "Panhead"
I had to guess whether yours is EL, FL, or FLH

(c) I'm bringing a different bike
- Please describe the make/model/year and any information you have about it. I know lots about Harleys and Hens, but squat about Indians and Triumphs. I need your help!

I went to Staples today and priced the cute plastic holders - they almost doubled to $6 each - and they scratch pretty easily. I decided to go with some "custom fabrication" that will cost about $1 each. Let's see - if I set the table saw blade at about 20 degrees...

Please let me know about your placard ASAP - I want to have everything ready well in advance of the show.

Chapter officers - board members - big kahuna types

Do we want to have Chapter flyers to hand out to people who attend the show? I have a couple samples in the Stuff section. One of you muck-a-mucks could download the PDF file to a thumb drive and have Staples or Kinkos make 100 copies. Or would you like me to do it?