Subject:Aprill Meeting Notes Date:Mon Apr 25 19:19:49 2011

Last Sunday….or maybe it was the Sunday before we had a meeting at the wonderful Route 29 Restaurant. We had 11 members show up with most of them riding bikes.

I volunteered to take minutes as our faithful Secretary Bob Nichols was on vacation.

I report the following:

• We discussed the upcoming Annual Ride; Grapes informed us that he thinks we are 12 months behind in making next years selection. Everyone agreed, I informed him that we used to not be as picky about where we stayed, it use to be more about the ride. Special thanks to Grapes, Rollo and Bob for their hard work and great effort in the search. We decided to go to a place near Natural Bridge called ….Beaver Flats….I think. More on that later.
• Henderson Dave asked if I was interested in being a Preacher, Long Shanks answered for me as I was writing down my notes.
• We talked about a few other things but I have been busy procuring a very nice 1967 FLH. Look in your email for pictures.
• Bob will back next meeting
• See everyone in Oley.

Ride Safe,