From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Peaks of Otter Rooms Available - Time to Reserve Your Room Date:Wed Apr 20 17:57:56 2011
Hello All,

I spoke with folks at Peaks of Otter today. They have already set aside a block of rooms for the Highlands Chapter 2011 Road Run.

Just like previous years, our schedule should be:

Thursday - Early Arrival (No Formal Ride Scheduled)
Friday - Short Road Run
Saturday - Long Road Run
Sunday - Check Out and Head Home

We have set aside the following:

15 Rooms for Thursday October 13, 2011 (For Our Early Arrivals)

25 Rooms for Friday October 14th and Saturday October 15th. (For the formal Road Run)

The rooms are on a First-Come / First-Serve basis. Reservations are required.

Each Room costs $139.00 / Night.

We have a block of rooms, so everybody should be fairly close to each other.

You can choose a room with two Double Beds or One King Bed. I asked the front desk for an assortment of rooms. Try to reserve early. That way you'll be sure to get the room type you prefer.

Note - This is Important: Peaks of Otter has asked for 30 days notice in order to cancel any rooms. Payment for rooms canceled after September 13th will not be refunded. Please make sure you give Peaks of Otter plenty of notice if you need to cancel for any reason.

For Room Reservations - Please call Peaks of Otter at (800) 542-5927 or (540) 586-1081. When you speak to the front desk, tell them you are with the Highlands Chapter AMCA. That way, you will be sure to have a room with our group.

I have asked permission to allow folks to barbecue. They should be calling me back tomorrow with their answer. We'll let you know if their grilling area will be available for our use.

We confirmed that the on-site restaurant serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

As I had mentioned in a previous e-mail: The rooms do not have TVs, Telephones, Internet or Cell Phone Coverage. This is going to be your chance to get away from it all.

The Road Run Commmitee will be working on the remaining details over the next couple months. We'll be coming up with the routes, photo ops, restaurants and available activities. We'll keep you updated as we gather more information.

Tom, Mike and I are very pleased that the chapter voted for Peaks of Otter. We are convinced that you made the best choice for this year's Road Run.

We hope to have a big turn out. Please try to get your reservations in early.

If you haven't been to the Peaks of Otter website yet, you really should. The facility and surrounding area look great. Here is their website again:

Sorry I couldn't make it to last Sunday's meeting. It sounds like it was a good one. Thanks again for supporting us with your votes for this year's Road Run.

Have a great week.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas