From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Road Run - We Need Your Input Date:Fri Apr 1 10:57:12 2011
Hi Guys,

Mike, Rollo and I have been working diligently to come up with a venue for this year's Road Run. We're finding that most of the places are already booked up for weekends in September and October. So far, we've researched over 20 places with only small amount of luck.

We wanted to get your feelings regarding a few options that might open up some additional possibilities:

1) Would it be OK to start looking at Weekdays? (Sunday Night through Thursday). This would mean you would miss a few days at work.

2) Can we start looking for places in August as well as September and October?

3) Can we look at hotels/motels in addition to the lodges and cabins we've been checking out?

4) There is one weekend that Smoke Hole Cavern Resort has plenty of cabins available one long weekend in late September. All of the other weekends in September and October have been booked. Would you like to go back to Smoke Hole again this year?

5) Are you opposed to going back to Natural Bridge? (We have not contacted them, so far).

The Road Run Committee needs your input. Please let us know your thoughts. You can contact any one of us us by e-mail or phone if you'd like to voice your opinions in private. Otherwise feel free to respond through the Highlands Exchange.

I did speak with Hodge this morning. He would like to put these issues to a vote. We should do this at the meeting this month. In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts.

If you have any suggestions on locations and lodging, please, let us know. We'd be happy to check out any of your suggestions.

Thanks for your input.

Bob Nicholas