Subject:Highlands Chapter January 2011 Meeting Minutes Date:Mon Jan 24 10:59:16 2011
Highlands Chapter Meeting Minutes
January 20, 2011

Location: Hodge’s House

When: January 20, 2011

Attendees: Hodge, George, Tim, Rollo, Richard, Dave and Bob

This was the first official club meeting of 2011. We met at Hodge’s place at 6 PM.

Bob brought the grub – Pizza, Beer, Soda and Chips. Joe Pizza and Subs makes a pretty good pizza. His place in Warrenton aint much to look at, but it’s good enough for take out.

Richard requested we get started with the meeting at 6:30.

Hodge welcomed us to his home and expressed his wishes for a successful year in the club’s life. He had spent a great deal of time putting together bound calendars for the New Year. The calendars list both Highland’s club events and the National AMCA events. Everybody that attended the meeting got a copy of the calendar. We voted to reimburse Hodge for the copying and binding of the calendars.

The first few pages of the binder included lists of our events with spaces to fill in volunteers for the various committees. We all agreed that it is important to get the committees established as soon as possible. We decided on the following:

1) Patriot / Nighthawks – Highlands Chapter Bike Show
Committee: Rollo and Richard
Proposed Date: July 2, 2011 (Rollo will confirm with Patriot H-D).

The attending members committed to participating in the Patriot event. We’ll get the details worked out and let the rest of our members know. We’ll need to find out how many antique bikes we can expect.

Rollo said that George Ogden had tentatively volunteered to have a pool party at his place after the Patriot event. Rollo will confirm things with George when we have an agreement with Patriot.

Rollo is going to check with Billy Potter to see if the Chesapeake Chapter wants to attend the Patriot event this year.

Patriot H-D needs to coordinate with Fairfax County and the Nighthawks so getting this set up early is imperative. Thanks to Rollo for getting on this so quickly.

2) Highlands Spring Bike and Hot Rod Show
Committee: Hodge, Dave and One Open Spot to be determined.

Richard agreed to put a least one of his cars in the show.
The proposed Highlands Spring Bike and Hot Rod Show is just in the conceptual planning stages. The committee will provide updates as the process works forward.

3) Highlands Annual Big Run – September or October
Committee: Bob, Rollo, George and Mike (Mike couldn’t make it to the meeting, but I’ve spoken with him and he agreed to help out where he could. Thanks Mike).

We discussed in general terms, the approximate date and various locations for the run. The committee may look at Smoke Hole, Snowshoe, Natural Bridge or other venues for the run. Richard suggested that the runs at Smoke Hole are limited due to the way the roads are laid out. We came up with one other run when Richard, Rollo, Hodge and I were researching Smoke Hole last year. We’ll keep the club informed as things progress.

4) Highlands Fall Bike and Hot Rod Show

We did not pick a committee for this project. There are two or more spots available for volunteers. Please let Hodge know if you’d like to volunteer to be on the committee.

5) Freeze Your Behind Off Ride
Committee: George and Bob

Details to follow later in the year.

6) Christmas Dinner – Saturday December 3, 2011
Committee: Tom Holter (I’ve spoken with him and confirmed it was OK to volunteer him) and Dave.

As you can see we’ve already picked the date. One of our favorite places, Clyde’s in Ashburn, VA might be available. Tom will check. At some point we’re going to have to give him a head count. If Tom can’t work things out with Clyde’s, he and Dave will come up with some other ideas. Right now, I think we are leaning towards Clyde’s as our destination.

There may be other events that could be planned. Rollo suggested that we have our event dates set no later than the March meeting.

Hodge thinks we should try to schedule a couple of local weekend rides each month.

I suggested the idea of putting together a calendar for 2012 with photos of our member’s bikes. There are a number of computer programs available to make these photo calendars. I’ll do a little research and report back at the next meeting.


Dave announced that he had reserved a spot at Oley again this year for the Hummer Club. He told us that there was plenty of room for the Highlands Chapter to set up a banner, table and chairs. Thanks to Dave for the invite.

February Meeting

Richard agreed to host the next meeting. It will be on the third Thursday of February. That would make it the 17th. I spoke to Richard today. He said he would take care of the food for the meeting. He did ask everybody to bring their own beverage. Many thanks to Richard for hosting the next meeting.

We’ll need a volunteer to host the meeting in March. Any takers out there? Give Hodge or me a call if you would like to host the March meeting.


Well, that’s about it for our first meeting of the year. All in all, we got a lot accomplished. Hodge’s calendar looks like it is going to very helpful. His idea of assigning committees to each of the events is going to go a long way in keeping us organized and informed this year. Thanks Hodge. If you did not attend the meeting Hodge has addtional clendars, give him a call and he will put one aside for you.

Hope to see all of you at the next meeting.


Bob Nicholas, Secretary – Highlands Chapter, AMCA

January 24, 2011