Subject:Raymond Dhue Date:Sun Jan 23 15:53:27 2011

We have lost a fellow AMCA National Board member; Raymond Dhue. It was sadly announced today by Raymondís fellow AMCA Board Member and long time friend Dennis Craig that Raymond died today. His death was due to complications from his battle with cancer.

I met Raymond for the first time at my first Davenport Presidents meeting. I remember coming home telling George how much of a great guy he was as well as how important he was to the National Club in the finance department.

At each of the Presidents Meetings he would stand up and tell everyone what was needed regarding the Tax reporting side of being a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization. When he spoke he always gave the impression that he truly believed in the message he was sending and was able to get each of us to understand a complex process that our wonderful friends at the IRS was asking us to comply with. I along with other Presidents joked about how he was the only Board Member that had information that was worth listening too.

After that first meeting I had numerous side conversations with him at other meets and I always found him to be friendly and excited about his role on the AMCA National Board.

As a retired CPA he donated his time in assisting the AMCA when they were asking each of our Chapters to become a stand alone Corporation. I feel if it was not for his expertise and patience there would still be many AMCA Chapters struggling thru the LLC organization process. He was a highly respected member of the board.

I will send my condolences as well as a note from the Highlands of Virginia Chapter to his family.

He will be sadly missed,