Subject:January Meeting Highland Chapter Club Date:Sat Jan 15 20:44:47 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho…Happy New Year. Its time to have our first official Highlands
of Virginia Chapter meeting for 2011. As it’s always been we will have it
on the third (3rd) Thursday of each month. This months meeting will be at
Hodges's house next Thursday January 20th beginning at 1830 that’s 6:30
for you non swabs. I’ve put together a binder for each member with each
months proposed rides and meeting dates. I did this because of Rollo’s
recent request to keep people more informed of Chapter events.You got to
show up to be informed.

In order to honor his request I ask that each of you be prepared to select
a committee of 2-4 Club brothers/sisters that could be nominated at this
meeting to select discuss and manage key Chapter events that we are
involved in each year. What I have written down but not limited to are :
• Each Month we set aside two (2) Chapter rides, having two always allows
time for everyone to attend. In the past I have found that not all dates
work for the entire group, se we will try 2 a month. We also need one
Chapter meeting eac month that could be held during one of the runs. Don’t
forget Bar-B Ques.
• We need a committee to mange the Patriot/Nighthawk/Antique Bike Event.
By nailing the dates down early we can insure we are all on board to have
a show with force. Last years show was good, this year could be even
better. With a little more planning from our team
• We will need a commit to locate secure and manage our yearly road run. I
don’t thing we have really discussed where we will be having it but I sure
some folks are dying to bring this to a vote, so bring your ideas.
• I think we should squeeze a Hotrod Show in the Spring and then one in
the Fall that we could cruise our older bikes too. Maybe have our own
section that the participants might be able to check our iron out.
• Last but no least I think we need to get a Holiday Dinner Committee
together so we have someplace picked and reserved well be fore we actual
show up.

I probably forgot a few of our yearly Club Functions but I think everyone
gets the message. If we begin selecting the committees and then a to be
completed by date it all should move smoothly and everyone will have an
opportunity to be happy with the selection, if not we will have time to
discuss and change our minds if we decide.

So with that being said I will see everyone at my house next Thursday
January 20th at 1830, that’s 6:30 for you landlocks.

I put a new Security System in my house over the Holidays so if the Alarms
go off and the man shows up with his guns drawn, just be calm, I repeat be
calm….I am working with them.