From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: Sucessful Freeze Your Butt Off Ride - Additional Thanks Date:Mon Nov 29 08:32:28 2010
Response to:332

I failed to share our thanks to a couple of our club brothers that attended yesterday's FYBO Ride.

Thanks to Mike Mueller for buying the first round of drinks at Griffins Tavern. (My personal thanks to Mike for riding with me both to and from the ride).

Thanks also to Cliff Wicker for leading us on a new and improved route from Middleburg to Flint Hill. Great job Cliff.

Hope everybody had thawed out by now. See you on Saturday.


It was great seeing everybody today at the 2010 FYBO Ride. The day was just what we'd hoped for: beautiful and cold.

Mike and I made it back to Herndon just after 5 PM. We experimented with a number of back roads, finally finding some that looked more familiar.

My fuel shut-off valve cap came loose somewhere on Rt 55. Mike was following me and didn't see it coming. (He felt it though). The cap hit him in the crotch region before bouncing off somewhere along the roadside. Sorry about that Mike.

All in all, a great ride both to and from Griffin's Tavern.

Hope to see you all at P.J. Skidoos on Saturday December 4th for the Christmas party.

Best Regards,