Subject:RE: Report from Fratellis Date:Mon Nov 1 19:59:26 2010
Response to:318
In light of this review and Tom Holters message the other day about Clydes I vote we go back to Clydes and reserve the room Tom mentioned. It sounds like it fits the requiements and I don't know how others feel but I think their food is good. Thta's my vote for what it's worth.
Jennifer and I went to dinner at Fratellis last night with another couple. Saturday night 7pm - a very busy time for restaurants, but that is when we plan to have our party.

The food was OK, but not memorable. Only Jennifer was satisfied with her dinner. The service was what you might expect from a chain restaurant, but less than what we expected from a more upscale place.

I think we should put Fratellis on the "backup" list.