Subject:October Meeting Minutes Date:Sat Oct 30 08:55:10 2010
Highlands Chapter Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2010

Location: Hodges House

When: October 21, 2010 @ 6 PM

Attendees: Hodge, Rollo, Richard, Tom, Mike, George, Dave, Bob and Chip

We met at Hodge’s house at 6 PM last Thursday. Hodge supplied the food
this time - hotdogs, chips and beer. Hodge cooked the dogs on his grill
and they were great. Nice and crispy. (I brought along a few beers for
the guys. I see that Yuengling’s finest wasn’t too popular. I’ll choke
the rest of them down somehow). Thanks Hodge for hosting the meeting and
keeping us fed.

The unofficial meeting started at 6 PM with a bunch of stories and a
general bull session. Between the conversation and the meal, we didn’t
get the official meeting started for some time. It was great to have the
guys together again.

Mike brought a bunch of new shop towels and handed them out to the guys.
Thanks Mike. They will be well used.

Several members presented their 2011 dues to George prior to the start of
the official meeting. We’ll need to get a head-count of the folks that
have paid-up up for the coming year. If you haven’t paid yet, try to get
your dues to George before the start of the New Year.

Hodge started the meeting at 7:30. He told us that he would like to
formally submit some photos to the AMCA for the 2011 Calendar. He
reminded us that the Highlands Chapter has been represented in every
calendar to date. Flathead Ed had created a CD with photos from a couple
of our 2010 events. (Patriot H-D and Smoke Hole). I had Rollo’s copy at
my house and promised to make an additional copy and send it along to
Hodge. (That’s been done. I also sent Hodge a CD of all of my photos
from the last three years). We’re hoping to have a couple of our 2010
photos included in the upcoming calendar. Hodge will pick a few good ones
and send them in around November 1, 2010.

The next order of business was discussing the Christmas party. Richard
suggested trying a new place this year. Previous parties have been held
at the Thai restaurant in Hendon and at Clyde’s in Ashburn. We’ve done
the Thai place a number of times and it’s always been good. Clyde’s
didn’t lend itself to open conversation as a lot of the couples had to sit
at booths. We want to find a place with large tables where the whole
group can participate in the conversations. Hodge whole heartedly agreed
with Richard about trying to find somewhere that obviously had good food
and had a large enough room for our crew to sit. We all decided that
Clyde’s was great it just did not allow us to all sit in a more open and
same table style atmosphere. The group decided that the goal was to find
somewhere that had both good food and the seeting arrangements discussed
above. Hodge suggested that if that is the goal then we needed to stick
to those parameters as we search for and select our final selection.

First we picked a tentative date. Hodge suggested having the party early
in December. We picked Saturday December 4, 2010. Someone suggested we
coordinate with the British bike club to ensure our party doesn’t conflict
with their Christmas event. We’ll have to check this out, but for now you
should pencil in December 4th for our get-together.

Tom said he would check with Clyde’s to see if another, more open, room
would be available.

Dave said he would check out a few places and post some suggestions to the
exchange. (Check the Exchange – He has already come up with several good

I said I’d try to come up with a place or two. (So far, I haven’t offered
up anything. I’ll have to work on that).

Rollo suggested PG Skidoos in Fairfax. He will check it out and get back
to us.

Hodge is hoping to have our suggestions by Thursday October 28, 2010.

Heads Up – The Freeze Your Butt Ride is Back Again

We were reminded that our annual run is scheduled for the weekend after
Thanksgiving. We’ll put out a notice as the time nears. I understand
that cold weather is upon us, so we’ll be assured of a chilly ride for our
last run of the year. We’ll have to stop somewhere along the way for some
hot-spiced cider.

Next subject: T-Shirts. Hodge had suggested at the last meeting that we
put together some ideas for higher quality non-event-specific T-Shirts.
He continued to express his ideas at the October meeting. Hodge would
like to keep our old Highland image somewhere on the T-Shirts. This
includes a non-distinguishable-by-make antique bike with the highlands in
the background. Hodge thinks that it would be fitting a tribute to our
past to include this image above the breast pocket.

Richard had brought along his AMCA jacket with the winged image on the
back. We agreed that this graphic was pretty cool and that it should be
incorporated into the design if possible. Probably, we will put it on the
back. There was some discussion about modifying the image. Someone
suggested that this image could not be changed without permission from the
AMCA. It’s something we’ll need to check out.

Dave said that he had a fellow producing high quality T-Shirts for the
Hummer Club. He thinks that he could get pricing on our T-shirts once we
have a design established.

Mike suggested that we include ladies’ T-shirts in the mix. He is
convinced that a little sparkle would entice some profitable sales.

All of us agreed that the T-shirts should not reference any particular
club event or date. That way, we could sell the shirts over a period of
time. Right now we have a bunch of older Natural Bridge T-shirts that
nobody wants to buy anymore.

Hodge said we used to put out quality T-shirts and that each member placed
an order of how many he wanted. That way all of the shirts were
guaranteed to be sold. We may want to put together an order list once
we’ve decided on a design.

Hodge suggested that we’d need to devote most of a meeting to T-shirt
design. He said we should plan on using the next meeting for this

It was about 8:30 and someone suggested we adjourn the meeting. There
were lots of “seconds” offered, so we closed for the evening.

It was great seeing the guys, as always. Hope to see you all for the
Freeze Your Butt Ride.

Best Regards,

Bob Nicholas, Secretary – Highlands Chapter – AMCA

October 26, 2010