From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: RE: RE: RE: Christmas Party Date:Thu Oct 28 10:48:08 2010
Response to:310
Dave and All,

Sounds like Fratelli's is getting some votes and positive feedback. That's great.

I'll see if I can get Dana to go Fratelli's for supper one evening this weekend. She's usually up for a date-night.

Maybe we can meet you and Jennifer if we're all free on the same night. I'll check with Dana when she gets home from work. (Saturdays are normally better for us).

Anybody else interested in a food re-con mission this weekend?




I think Fratelli's is the best setup in Warrenton - the big open room will provide plenty of space for socializing.

Black Bear's rooms are a little small. If it were 20 people, or just eating (no socializing) either room would be great, but with 25-30, I think it would be a little crowded for milling about.

McMahon's main dining room seems nicer than the private party room, which was long and narrow. The food is pretty good, but I think the whole atmosphere is a cut below the other two.

I've found restaurant reviews always vary too widely to be very useful. I guess some people are easy to please and others expect 5-star meals for $15.

Jennifer and I will go there for dinner either Friday or Saturday night (their busy nights) and report back. I'm eager to try the saltimbocca. Perhaps someone else can check out Fratelli's too.

Isam, the owner, suggested that he make an appetizer table in the middle so we could all sample them or grab one and take it back to your table. 15 free appetizers for 30 people - or 15 free desserts. I'd go with the appetizers.

He also said we could order off the menu, or have a special menu with 4 or 5 items. Since it's not a "structured" event (no long boring speeches, right Hodge?), I don't think it's important for all 25 or 30 people's dinner to be served simultaneously. So we could take advantage of their wide menu selection.

Black Bear insisted on a 4-item menu. McMahons suggested it too, but offered flexibility.

TAKE YOUR BEAUTIFUL WIFE OUT TO DINNER THIS WEEKEND! And report back with your findings.




I did check out Trip Advisor's review of Fratelli's. They had mixed reviews. Some folks like it a lot, others - not so much.

I'd be interested to know if anybody in the club has eaten there yet. If so: How about giving us a review?