From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: RE: Christmas Party Date:Wed Oct 27 16:20:24 2010
Response to:308

(I tried to respond to the exchange, but I'm not sure it went through. Trying again. If my first response comes through, you'll see pretty much the same message).


Thanks for doing the leg work on finding some potential restaurants for our Christmas Party. The photos and menu from Fratelli's were very helpful.

I've had a conversation with Richard and we agree that having the event out towards Gainsville or Warrenton would be a good idea. That would give our western members a little shorter ride home this year.

Fratelli's looks pretty good. Lots of room for our group. Doesn't hurt that the Owner is a Bike Guy. Dana's favorite is Italian, so that would get her vote. (Not that she could vote without coming up with some dues money first.

I did check out Trip Advisor's review of Fratelli's. They had mixed reviews. Some folks like it a lot, others - not so much.

I'd be interested to know if anybody in the club has eaten there yet. If so: How about giving us a review?

Thanks again Dave for going the extra mile.



Pictures and Menus

Follow the link above for pictures and menus of the restaurants.

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