From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Christmas Party Date:Tue Oct 26 14:09:33 2010

I've investigated Warrenton restaurants for possibilities for our Christmas Party. I've found three candidates - all will suit our needs: (1) nice (2) moderately priced, (3) no booths, (4) available Saturday December 4.

(A) Fratelli's
* Corner of Routes 29 and 17 - behind Border's Books
* Italian cuisine, but steaks, Vee's filet mignon, etc.
* Nice large room (holds 70), we would get 2/3 of room with appetizer table (free appetizer with every 2 entrées)
* The owner, Isam, parks his ape-hangered Harley on the sidewalk outside almost every day.

(B) Brown Bear Bistro
* Main Street, old town Warrenton
* American cuisine, slightly fancy
* One of two basement rooms, each holding 25-30. Rooms are a little small, but there is a separate bar downstairs.

(C) McMahon's Irish Pub and Restaurant
* Corner of Routes 29 and 17 - 1 block South on 29
* Irish and American cuisine
* Choice of two rooms. (i) Private party room at front of restaurant with separate bar. (ii) Half of main dining room

This morning I went to each place and took some pictures. I will post them here tomorrow, along with their menus. Today is my birthday, so I'm taking the rest of the day off.

Anyone know / have any opinions about these places?



(D) Claire's at the Depot
Upscale atmosphere. Upscale cuisine.
Too Expensive - $42 per person + maybe room charge

(E) El Agave
Great Mexican restaurant with large room, but if you don't like Mexican...

(F) Iron Bridge Wine Co
Upscale on Main Street. Focus is on wine, not food. Not sure if they could really host our party. Too Expensive.