Subject:Great Web Site on Old Iron Date:Thu Oct 21 12:18:41 2010

Check out this website it has some very nice early racers and a wide variety of old iron, i.e., Harley Davidson, Indian, Ace, Pope, BMW, Triumph, Cyclone, Honda, Hodaka, Brough Superiour, Croker (Check out the Croker Police Bike, Nice) Kawasaki, Norton FN, Super X, RACYCLE, Sears, Thor Militaire and many other fine examples of nicely restored and original paint early motorcycles, sidecars and factory racers. I found this web-site after reading an article in the 1999 Summer Issue of our AMCA published “The Antique Motorcycle”. The article was about a one off 1928-29 Henderson 90 C.I. special construction ridged frame ridged fork Factory racer that Ignatz Schwinn had envisioned after his design/engineering team completed the bike would break the current Worlds Land Speed Record of 132.00 MPH. The record he was trying to beat was set by the infamous Johnnie Seymour. The record was set in Daytona on the beach riding an Eight-Valve Indian. Johnnie had just eclipsed “Red” Wolvertons November 1923 run on the famous but can’t be found XP4 Ace record of 129.61 MPH.

The bike was given to his lead project engineer when the project came to a screeching halt later in that same year when the economy suffered the beginning of the Great Depression. The bikes new owner Mr. Sandeliem rode the bike in his neighborhood for about 16 years. Imagine the site of seeing this “29” 4-cylinder with straight pipes, 28” racing tires, down turned racing handlebars with no suspension on either end of this wild machine. I wish I could have been there.

Eventually the bike ended up in Mr. Sandeleliem’s son’s hands where in the late 90’s was traded for some minor work that was done to his pickup. Long story short, this bike was on the web-site that I mentioned above.

Check it out.