From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Rollo to the Rescue - The Sportster is Breathing Fire Date:Mon Sep 27 09:27:25 2010
Hey all,

Here is an update on the 1966 Sportster XLCH. Rollo volunteered to help me on Saturday with my timing and carb issues.

We tried to kick start the engine without much success. Many, many kicks without even one pop. I about wore my leg out trying to get the bike started. It was time to regroup.

We when over all my previous work and re-did everything again. We re-timed the magneto and made adjustments to the S&S Super B carburetor. After about 4 hours work we were able to get the old bike fired up. A little more fiddling with the carb got it running pretty darn good.

It looks like a cold start can be accomplished with 5 kicks or less. I was able to hot-start the bike at least 3 times with just one kick.

Many thanks to Rollo for all his help and support.

See you all at White Rose. I'll be looking for Sportster parts this year.