From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Bob's New Old Bike Date:Tue Sep 7 17:47:46 2010
Hi Guys,

I just picked up another antique bike from a fellow in upstate New York. He lives in Newburgh, just down the road from East Coast Choppers. You can see V-Twin's shop from his back yard.

The bike is a 1966 Sportster XLCH with an S&S Super B carburetor and a set of very loud drag pipes. Rollo made the long trek with me up on Saturday to pick it up. We think we figured out most of the world's problems during our 12 hours on the road. (Many thanks to Tom for making the road trip with me to N.Y).

Richard Besley and Tom Holter gave me some much needed advice during the pre-purchasing process. Thanks guys.

I'm having some fun trying to figure out the carburetor and magneto. So far the best I've done is about 20 kicks to get it started. One Monday afternoon, I kicked it for about 20 minutes straight without getting it to keep running. After that, the plugs were pretty fouled with carbon soot. Something is making it run very rich. (Any Sportster advice would be greatly appreciated).

I saw a bunch of the Highland Chapter guys at the bike show in Vienna on Sunday. Tim told me that I'd bought a young man's bike. (Actually he said it is a young punk's bike. Well, I guess I'm an old punk now). My doctor told me to get more exercise, so kick starting this turkey should be good for my health. (That is, if it doesn't kill me first).

I had a great time at the Smoke Hole Run. My sincere thanks to everybody that participated in the event. Special thanks to Rollo, Richard and Hodge for their help in planning and running the event.

I think our thee day weekend at Smoke Hole Caverns was just great. I second Rollo's suggestion to go back next year.

I may (or may not) have the Sportster running by the next meeting. If it's running, I'll try bring it out for a little dog-and-pony show.

Hope you all have a great week. Ride safe.