Subject:Smoke Hole Thanks Date:Sat Sep 4 08:46:47 2010

I finally have a chance to sit down to write an email saying Thanks to everyone for their participation in last weekends Smoke Hole Event. It was wonderful to see Mike & Sharon Kim & Dave, Gary & Wayne, Bob & Dana, Tim & Susie. Richard & Debbie, Tom & Monica. Rollo. “Fast George” & Flat. Jeff, Cliff and John.

Each of the meals was wonderful in their own way. Thursday’s Hot Dogs and Hamburgers proved to be better than they were advertised, The Turkey with all its fixings was just out of this world and who would have known how tasty the Surf & Turf meal of shrimp and steak turned out. We really did good folks. Oh yea, don’t forget the peach cobbler.

The choice that was made for the roads and the two rides should be commended on their efforts. I found that everyone that attended called me later to express how much they truly enjoyed themselves and look forward to an event of this kind and this time next year.

Cliff had to leave a little early on Saturday but at least made the trip and participated in the Friday ride. Chan rode up and caught up with us after we toured the Military Museum.

After hearing from each of you it appears that everyone had a great time catching up with good friends. Many asked why I had not written anything about the ride, I told everyone that I was out riding and enjoying life….I’m actually on my way to the Chesapeake Bay right now to enjoy some more of that life right now.

I hope I mentioned everyone’s name and again; I truly enjoyed seeing everyone last week and look forward to our next get-together.

The Chapter will be sponsoring a club ride within the next few weeks, stay alert.

Ride Safe