From:tom hardy
Subject:Chesapeke AMCA party Date:Fri Jun 5 12:38:52 2009
Is anyone planning to go to the party at Billy Potters on Saturday? I spoke with Richard and he said some were but backed out since they saw no way to avoid the Beltway to get there. I am planning on going and plan to avoid the Beltway by going through either Arlington or McLean to Chain Bridge and up the Clara Barton Pkwy to McArthur Blvd. No speeds above 45 on these routes for those with older or less powerful bikes. I think I'm riding a VL so definitely no Beltway speeds for me!
If anyone is interested call me and I can give you directions or if you want to ride over together call me. Party starts at noon and goes to six and I am trying to get there closer to the beginning. I have heard and seen pictures and this is an awsome party form what I see and hear.