Subject:Smoke Hole Run Update 8-19-10 Date:Wed Aug 18 20:43:55 2010

It looks as if the weather for our Smoke Hole event is getting better by the day. I earlier reported where the sun will be setting. I indicated it will be setting behind the cabins. What I meant to say is the sun will be setting behind the cabins and just over the mountain range, very nice.
I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow so we can catch up on all that is going on around us. As I reviewed the Smoke Hole Resort reservation roster I found many people that I have not seen in a while. Iíve also spoke to quite a few of our chapter members that are really looking forward to getting together and having time to relax, enjoy each others company and just have fun. Sometimes in our hectic lives we just donít take the time to sit down talk about our day as we listen to our friends and what they have going on in their lives. Interested trumps interesting all day long.

See you tomorrow,