Subject:Smoke hole Update 8-14-10 Date:Sat Aug 14 13:41:55 2010

I want to thank Richard and Debbie for hosting Thursdays “Highlands of Virginia” chapter meeting. I also thank those who attended, it was good to catch up and see everyone.

At the meeting we were able to discuss many of the current events that we as a chapter have going on. The most important of which is the upcoming Smoke Hole Run scheduled for next weekend, that begins on Thursday.

It looks as if we did not have as many folks book a cabin as we originally thought. If you are going and have not booked a room I suggest you call them ASAP. They might still have a few rooms left, If not, call one of your fellow club members to see if you can bunk up. At the meeting we discussed the final schedule as far as the social hour, when the evening meals will be served, run times, chase truck information, etc. I will put this information out as soon as the chapter minutes are finalized and published. One important item that we discussed is the hilly terrain and how important it is to make sure your brakes are in top notch condition. The planned rides are full of sharp turns, long hills both up and down and unannounced excitement. For those of you that are riding two up make sure you are paying close attention to the riders both in front and also behind you. I know all of us are experienced riders but it was discussed so I wanted to make sure these important issues are reiterated.

There has been allot of effort put out to insure everyone has the opportunity to have a fun time at this event. As Rollo mentioned in an earlier Post the weather is getting better by the day. The recent weather has been very unpredictable and has produced some nasty results, especially and as reported in Alexandria.

That’s all I have for now, I will update as I know more.

Ride Safe