Subject:Smoke Hole Update 6/8/10 Date:Sun Aug 8 12:19:06 2010

We will be having our August “Highlands of Virginia” Chapter club meeting this upcoming Thursday night. We are having it early to discuss and finalize a few of the details surrounding the Smoke Hole Run set for August 19th , 20th and 21st. Please be available to meet at 6:00 PM at a location yet to be decided. In order to get as many members to attend as possible I am open to a location that will be convenient to the masses.

Tomorrow Richard, Rollo and I will be making a late model run up to the Smoke Hole area so I can scope it out. We will be leaving Richards house at 0800. Richard, Rollo and Bob have already done so. I also plan on making a late model run back to the area next weekend to ride the routes. It looks as if I will be leading the runs during the planned ride. I am going tomorrow and next weekend only to get familiar with the terrain and the ride routes. If anyone is interested let me know. My plans are to leave early and ride hard to insure I cover as much ground as necessary and get home by dark.

I really look forward to this event, when we first voted on this early in the year I knew it was going to be different and a change from our past Natural Bridge Runs.

I also want to give special recognition the “Three Amigos” Richard, Rollo and Bob (See their pictures on our website; click on “What We Do”) for all that they have done in preparation for this upcoming event.

Ride Safe