Subject:Today Was A Success Date:Sat Jul 31 19:55:13 2010

Today was a total success that started out early as George and Ed arrived at my house at 5:00 AM to pick up Ed’s bike to bring to the Patriot show. After a cup of coffee and breakfast, I rolled out for the short jaunt to Cartharpin where I met Richard and Skipper. We waited for the rest of the group that had made plans to ride from Richards’s house to Fairfax. After leaving around 10:15 we arrived at Patriots at 11:15 just before the Nighthawks began to play. When we rode up the event was in full swing with about 150 bikes in the parking lot. All day bikes were passing thru with most of the riders stopping in and checking out the “Highlands of Virginia Chapter” staging area. We had about 28 antiques ranging from Richards 1929 J to the 1969 Shovelhead that John rode. There was allot of interest in the AMCA and the older bikes from all kinds of people. I handed out over 40 Highlands business cards with my email address and directions to our website. The music was fantastic as with the food provided by Rays BarBQue. As everyone began to leave we loaded everyone up and made the trek to Rollo’s house for a planned cookout. Rollo did a great job with the grill, Debbie and Monica brought side dishes that complimented Rollo’s skills on the grill. Thanks to Debbie for making me a too go plate with all the fixings, the pineapple muffins with an ice cold glass of milk topped off a great day with good friends that was followed up with perfect weather.

At this time I am not sure how much our chapter donated to the Wounded Combat Veterans, I will report as soon as I know.

Thanks to everyone that participated,