Subject:Upcoming Fun Date:Sat Jul 10 14:39:13 2010

Just a reminder that the upcoming July 31st, run to Patriots Harley Davidson is fast approaching. I hope everyone is planning on being there so we can meet as a club while watching the Nighthawks perform. The majority of us attended this event last year and it turned out to be a fun time. Rollo is working with a group of Wounded Combat Veterans that we will be donating our proceeds to and hopefully will be there as well, good job Rollo! This is a great chance for the “Highlands of Virginia” Chapter to get out in front of the public to show them a little of what we enjoy doing.

Over the last week I have been calling local National Club members that are not in our chapter asking if they would be interested in attending the Patriots event. A few have shown interest and said they could possibly show up. It would also give us a chance to meet other local area Antique Motorcycle enthusiast, well see.

I’m working with Bob on an inclusive email regarding our upcoming Smoke Hole Resort run. After last weekends chapter meeting I sat down and absorbed all the information that Richard, Rollo and Bob had brought over. I read thru and reviewed the pamphlets, maps, menus as well as logged into their website again and realized this truly will be an event to remember The planned run routes are not only interesting and beautiful but it is in an area that has quite a well documented history in Early American culture. We also planned our dinner schedules so that after the rides there will be plenty of time for socializing, getting cleaned up, maybe a dip in the pool, a walk thru the countryside or a little relaxation in your “Honeymoon Cabin” as you enjoy and cool off with liquid beverages. The views from the cabins are amazing. I will update and send out more information as Bob and I discuss. I look forward to seeing everyone at Patriots.

Ride Safe,